AlphaMirrorless 012: Yes, Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras have an App for that!

AlphaMirrorless 012: Yes, Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras have an App for that!

Yes, the Sony Alpha Mirrorless cameras have downloadable apps that can greatly enhance your shooting experience. As of the publishing date of this podcast there are a few dozen apps available that can help you create time lapses, star trails, light painting and much more.

On in this episode of the AlphaMirrorless Juan and Andy talk about this app ecosystem, what some of the apps do and they share with you their favorite apps. They also discuss the Playmemories smartphone app (iPhone and Android) that can be very useful in controlling your camera remotely and sharing your images from the field.

We also take time to answer questions from out listeners on the INBOX segment of the podcast.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: Wish the apps had better integration with the normal camera operations
  • Andy: WISH THAT APPS COULD BE INSTALLED TO SD CARD VIA WEB and then installed on camera from SD CARD. Would be so SIMPLE!

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  • Hi Guys,
    Just listened to your latest podcast while walking my dog. I fully agree with all your comments about the apps, and Playmemories frustrations especially for us Apple users. One thing you omitted to mention when talking about the phone app and using the camera via remote control is something that new users, particularly A6000, A6300 users who have the kit lens would benefit from. That is the ability to tap the screen on the back of the phone to focus the camera where you tap and the other thing is the ability with the kit lens to zoom in or out using the phone screen. This combined with a small table top tripod or Platypod makes for a really useful combo. Great podcast by the way, keep up the great work.

  • Phil,

    Thanks for the comment. You definitely learn something new every day, I had no idea you could do those things. Thanks for letting us know.

    Take care,


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