Sony RX1R

In this episode of All About the Gear (AAtG), Frederick and Doug rendezvous at T-Rex in Berkeley, CA to have lunch and discuss Doug’s findings after giving the Sony RX1R a try.

This full frame Sony mirrorless camera looks to be positioned as a stiff competition for both the Leica and Fuji mirrorless offerings.

To dive even deeper into this camera, check out Doug’s full and detailed review.

Here are a some images Doug created with the Sony RX1R


  1. I love AATG. Right on top of the up & coming small camera market. I’m in that market and will buy one next year and I am sure it will be something I saw here. right now the Fuji x100S is in first place

  2. After watching this episode I find my self leaning more end more to Leica. They seem easier to use than the other mirrorless cameras and better built, cost more in dead presidents.

  3. Thanks John D., Doug and I are trying to create the review show that “we” would want to watch. 🙂 I’m glad you’re getting something out of it.

  4. Hi Frederick and Doug,

    Great job fellas. I really enjoyed the fact that you were able to present so much relevant information within such a relaxed and conversational format.

    Of course it’s always good to look upon a pretty face!

    For what it’s worth I’m following Doug’s previous advice to me to wait for the next full frame version, particularly if it will allow for interchangeable lenses. I have three mint Leica-M lenses just waiting for a new body to snuggle up to.

    All the best,

    Glenn Guy

  5. Not yet… the show is currently available only on YouTube. But we’re strongly considering creating a separate feed.

  6. This is the missing niche in photography podcasting. I’m betting if you went with a feed, you would have success right out of the gate.

  7. I’d have to agree with you there. Doug and I met to day to discuss the topic of creating a proper podcast out of the show. We’re both bullish on the idea.

  8. One of the real dangers of working in NYC is lunch hours at B&H. They don’t work on commission and you can play with the equipment all you like. The RX1R is a magnificent beast and I really enjoyed using it, The Fuji 100xs, on the other hand, generates the following impression : “I’m coming for you my precious!. We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.”

  9. BTW I really like the format you are doing for gear reviews. I hope you do one on the Nikon AW1. I have also been looking at that one. I find myself drifting towards the rangefinders because I do not like video finders. Maybe because I work with video. Also I like solid cameras, must be the Nikon F2 curse. My walk around camera is a D3. 😉 You guys have a very informative show.

  10. Might I suggest (or request) that if you do publish a feed, you be sure to release the first five episodes as well, and then add new installments as they become available?

  11. Is there an audio (MP3) version of this podcast available via subscription? If so, what is the URL? Thanks!

  12. Great review on the RX1R, yes, way too expensive, I have an NEX-7 and love it hope they upgrade the NEX to a full frame sensor sometime in the future.