All About the Gear – 2014 Wrap-Up

It’s that time of year once again. Frederick and Doug look back on the gear of 2014 and then into the crystal ball for what we might expect in the year to come.

2014 was a year in which mirrorless cameras continued to gain on more-traditional DSLRs, a trend both Frederick and Doug see continuing into 2015. But while we’ve mostly heralded the mirrorless revolution as bringing us smaller and lighter cameras, moving forward we can expect mirrorless cameras to catching up with and even surpass DSLRs in ruggedness, autofocus speed and high frame rates. In the future, the differences between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras will be more about the strengths and weaknesses of having a mirror at all, not so much size and weight.

The other big trend in 2014 was the move towards 4K video, and again Frederick and Doug expect to see many more cameras supporting 4K in 2015.

Also mentioned in the show are two video reviews by The Camera Store:

  • Hi guys.

    This is a very informative and enjoyable overview, but your Olympus review was pretty apocalyptic!

    You might be right on the company’s eventual direction and you did cover the possibly pending sensor-move technology, but can you really not mention any innovation for the company in 2014? What about the 40-150 f2.8 Pro with the first teleconverter for mirrorless cameras plus the brilliantly practical retracting lens hood????

    This is the most enjoyable lens I’ve owned for real-life use since I sold my 70-200 VRII Nikkor, and Thom Hogan seems to agree:

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